Just another record label!
Novoton was started 2004 but i have been running record labels since 1988 when we started Frequent Frenzy. FF was then followed by Beverage and Origin. After a couple of years working in other parts of the music industry, with PrimeSounds.com which i was one of the founders of, i'm back running my own label again.

I started Novoton mainly as a reaction to the negative vibes that have been present in the music industry for a couple of years, but also because i found a great new band, Novak, which i wanted to work with. For me that's the only reason for still doing this. Working with great people doing great music!

In many ways we're just another record label. The thing that make us stand out from the crowd are our bands. We'll work with any kind of band as long as they make wonderful and weird music. We work very closely with our bands helping them in any way we can. We'll also focus quite a lot on the internet.

Keep your ears open, Daggan

Contact Info
The easiest way to get in touch with us is by mailing order@nospam_novoton.se (remove "nospam_" before mailing). If you need to send us something you can do so at this address: Novoton, Box 1336, 621 24 Visby, Sweden. If you want to buy our records you can do so directly from us. Just go to our "shop page" for more info.

Demo Policy
We're always open for new bands so feel free to send us your demo. However please remember that we're only interested in your very best songs - preferably not more than three-four at a time - and your demo is only accepted on CD. There is absolutely no point in sending us links to where we can download your songs, and we certainly do not accept unsolicited mp3's. One more thing though. Please don't waste our and your time (and money) by sending us your demo if it's not original. You have to have some self critisism. Here's some questions you should be asking your self. How original/good is your music? How active are you? Do you play shows regularly? Are you marketable? Do you have good plans and ideas for the future?

Please address your demo to: Novoton, Box 1336, 621 24 Visby, Sweden.
Novoton is a rather small label and we just don't have time to write you any comments. We do get a lot of demos and we only get back to the ones we're interested in. If we like your demo we will get back to you even if it might take some time.