Antennas started out as a indie pop/rock band but have more and more moved towards a groove based sound. Now a duo and the transformation is complete. Still writing excellent melodies but now a mix between pop/rock and the dancefloor.

Black Belt
Black Belt have choosen their name perfectly - they have indeed a black belt in rock. Being a hard hitting power trio they are playing heavy rock with traces of the early seventies. We're talking dirty, heavy and groovy rock of best quality. They are an excellent live band and love being on stage playing live. Hopefully you will be able to see them soon on a stage near you.

Bolywool was founded in Svarteberga, northern Öland, in 1998, by the two cousins Oskar Erlandsson and Calle Thoor. Since then, members have come and gone, hometowns have been replaced - but Öland's core has always been constant. Despite the constant shifts in influences the band's music always find itself somewhere in the borderland between shoegaze, post-rock, ambient; but with a pop structure.

Dom Orena
Four people meet and electricity occurs. Dom Orena (The Unclean) step into the music world with the melodies up front and center. Songs with seductive bass lines, responsive melodies punctuated by spastic guitar attacks, drums that conjure up grand space and a singer who traveled a long way to tell us about his journey.

Dödsfest is Kalle Malm, Conny Nimmersjö, Manuela De Gouveia and Christian Ramirez. They play rock that almost overturns. Because that's how it feels, when the bullies and liars get away, when it is evident that cheaters win. And when it's raining cats and dogs in your face while waiting for the bus that never comes..

Fredrik Georg Eriksson
Sweden's hardest working punk/rock musician. Fredrik Georg Eriksson (of Twopointeight, Knivderby, Aluatta, Karl Buhre) is going solo. A little bit of different musical style than we have heard from him before but every bit as intense as ever and with his fantastic voice in focus.

Everyday Mistakes
Everyday Mistakes is Mattias Malm's "one man project" but that doesn't mean he does everything by himself. He is however meticulous about his sound and of course not surprising since he is inspired as much by music producers (Joe Meek, Jack Nitzsche, Martin Hannett, Brian Wilson, Phil Spector) and their sound as by other music/musicians.

We have seen Existensminimum (Magnus Henriksson) as a spectacular drummer and percussionist with many bands. But he also does his own music and produces other bands. In his own name Existensminimum makes sparkling dayglo electronic pop, usually combine the darkest pop with the lightest melodies. The songs are often packaged in warm keyboard blankets and hard rhythms.

The Garon Presleys
Inspired by songs like "Walk on Guilded Splinters," "Headed for the Texas Border" & "Cold Night For Alligators" and artists such as PJ Harvey, Spiritualized and The Rolling Stones The Garon Presleys formed a couple of years ago. A band that is part of a large undergrowth of rock bands with a taste for tobacco tinted rock.

Hyper Plastic
Rickard Johansson used to play the guitar and write songs for Indie-Rock band "This Perfect Day" in the nineties. Now working as a surgeon. Hyper Plastic is his band and he is the only member, for good and for worse. But he still like to think of it as a band.

Knivderby, Sweden's best kept secret and a band compared to everything from Radio Birdman, Richard Lloyd, Franke, The Stooges, Monster Magnet and Silverbullit, with slick guitar hooks that would make Johnny Marr jealous. This surely raises ones interest. Swedish noisy/trashy rock of best mark!

Norma is a three-piece orchestra, playing atmospheric pop influenced by krautrock with filmic elements. Norma is the product of three talented young men's will to revolutionize the way music is performed and experienced, both live and recorded. The limitations of only having three members is seen as a great opportunity too seek new and different ways in the making of songs and liveshows. The music is best enjoyed as a companion on the 21st century roadtrip. Norma is a great experience on record and even greater live where they work with visual artists.

Paper is a kraut-punk trio featuring Calle Olsson from The Bear Quartet and Paddington DC along with members of Audionom. The sound is based around the frustration of punk, the desperation of monotony and the delicacy of pop melody. PAPER deliver on one side two-minutes hardcore manouvers followed by long monotonous, almost transcendental, three-chords variations. Throw in well arranged melodies and pretty traditional pop songs like nitrate in the hard cold cocktail and you get the big picture. Punk-kraut is a pretty accurate description of their music.

"The music has a garage band roughness, nice and loose. There are touches of psychobilly and touches of Britpop, scraps of Elvis, early rock, punk, metal, the Ramones, storming guitars, a variety of things. Galgberget is nothing revolutionary, but it’s full of heart and commitment. When Isak Sundström screams, it’s not a stage-managed stadium cockrock scream, it’s a good, full yell of pleasure. Isn’t it glorious, the musicians seem to be asking, to make this much noise, to be alive like this?" (Deanne Sole, Popmatters)

Riddarna is a trio from Gotland, living in Gothenburg. The music is based on despair and frustration and is in a pretty unique genre. To quote Göteborgs-Posten: "Stoner. Pop. Rattling. Punk. Hard Rock. Psychedelia. Garage. Riddarna pushed all of this screaming into a blender. Drove around, poured it out on the altar of rock altar and read the intestines. The conclusion was "Rock'n'Roll is dead", so Riddarna turned the knobs to eleven and decided to resurrect it. Here it is: shaking, lurching and screaming in Swedish. And my god it swings! Rock music is dead! Long live Riddarna! If you are not a music puritan you are probably already dancing.".

It all started with a large floor tom a guitar and a synthesizer. Isak Sundström and Jacob Frössén spent hours playing instrumental synth-boogie in an old attic. Isak started writing lyrics to some of the songs and S K R I E T (The Scream) was born.

Then Comes Silence
A fascination of death, doom, spiritualism and corruption has gathered the members of THEN COMES SILENCE, together with a predisposition towards noiserock, goth, shoegaze and psychedelia. The band brings darkness and romantic death via music and sounds, performed on guitars at deafening volume. Cathartic, distorted and effect-laden.