Pascal is a quite unique band. A trio joined together in their love for noisy rock with marvellous melodies all served with a punky twist. It's the first band i'm working with singing in our native swedish language but when i see them i don't even think about that. To quote Ian from the excellent Popsheep blog, talking about one of their songs, "I don't understand Swedish, but this song makes me wish that I did.".

"The music has a garage band roughness, nice and loose. There are touches of psychobilly and touches of Britpop, scraps of Elvis, early rock, punk, metal, the Ramones, storming guitars, a variety of things. Galgberget is nothing revolutionary, but it’s full of heart and commitment. When Isak Sundström screams, it’s not a stage-managed stadium cockrock scream, it’s a good, full yell of pleasure. Isn’t it glorious, the musicians seem to be asking, to make this much noise, to be alive like this?" (Deanne Sole, Popmatters)

Pascal are: Manuela Degoveia [bass, vocals] Isak Sundström [guitar, vocals]
and Mimmi Skog [drums]


Orkanen närmar sig

1 Tutti frutti
2 Nyår
3 Måne över Fårösund
4 Dansa
5 En död man
6 Ge upp
7 Party
8 Orkanen närmar sig
9 Stanna här
10 Inte redo
11 Tyst här i mörkret

Release date January 27, 2010

CD-album (jewel case), 12" vinyl
Produced by:
Pascal, Håkan Sörle and Daggan
Recorded and mixed by:
Håkan Sörle
Studio Rekord
Mastered by:
Carl-Michael Herlöfsson
Eva Hildén Smith / La Belle Rockette
Sleeve design:


1 Dansa
2 Dansa (Van Rivers & The Subliminal
Kid Remix)
3 Dansa (Love Martinsen Remix)

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MP3 single
Produced by:
Pascal, Håkan Sörle and Daggan
Recorded and mixed by:
Håkan Sörle
Studio Rekord
Mastered by:
Carl-Michael Herlöfsson
Sleeve design:


1. Stort och vackert
2. Längtar efter dig
3. Jag vill ha allt
4. Cadillac
5. Oslo
6. Älska mig/Skjut mig
7. Kom ner
8. Rödlätta man
9. Ökenryttaren
10. Smärtstillande
11. Min enda vän
12. Galgberget

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CD album, "Japanese mini-LP" CD-sleeve
Produced by:
Pascal and Magnus Henriksson Mon
Sound engineer:
Peter Othberg
Mixed by:
Magnus Henriksson Mon
Sandkvie Studios and Studio Grytgöl
Mastered by:
Carl-Michael Herlöfsson
Eva Smith / La Belle Rockette
Sleeve design:

Förbi Fabriken

1. Jävla Bengt
2. Dö inte nu
3. Jonnie
4. Sjuk
5. Motorväg
6. Förbi fabriken
7. Kom inte till mig
8. Ensam på en krog i Hamburg
9. Kyss mig

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CD-album, Digipak
Produced, Recorded & Mixed by:
Magnus Henriksson
Existensminimum and Konst&Ramar
Mastered by:
Carl-Michael Herlöfsson
Stina Kätting


1. Förbi fabriken
2. Dö inte nu
3. Ensam på en krog i Hamburg
4. Hungrigt Hjärta
5. Kom inte till mig

CD-R EP, fabric sleeve
Produced, Recorded & Mixed by:
Preview tracks:
Förbi fabriken
Hungrigt hjärta


VIDEO Jonnie
The video for Jonnie was a one-shot from a gig at Kägelbanan in Stockholm. It is a great opportunity to spend some time with Pascal at their favorite place, the stage.

MP3 Jonnie
The second single of their highly acclaimed debut album Förbi Fabriken. A cover of Kal P Dal's beautiful song about how esy it is for our lives to turn in wrong directions.

MP3 Förbi fabriken
A song about living in a town dominated by a large factory. Also a song about isolation/boredom and the things we do to make life funnier. But remember, the grass isn't always greener on the other side.


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Photo: Eva Hildén Smith (La Belle Rockette)


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